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You Need Help With Your Social Networking


One of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients and potential clients is "How do I get leads from social networking?". 

Let's look at it from another perspective. Stop trying to get leads and start working on showing your social networking audience that you are the expert in your market. That you know your neighborhoods, amenities, businesses, recreation, that you know more than anyone about why someone would want to live in your area.  That you are an expert in how to sell and buy homes in your market. Show them how you do and how you do it. 

Sorry to burst your bubble but when you work with your real estate support professional to boost you social networking you will have to participate. 

Here are a few things I ask my agents to do to help boost their social networking. 

  • Do neighborhood videos.
  • Get testimonials from past clients either via an email, handwritten, audio or better yet a video. Video your buyers and sellers at closing. 
  • Do short "interviews" with local businesses. 
  • Take photos and/or video of local events.
  • Do short informational videos showing your expertise in real estate. 

The goal is to build trust, provide useful information, let people get to know you, you become a trusted friend and who better to help someone buy or sell a home than a trusted friend who is an expert?  Its all about relationships. 


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Listhub,Trulia and Zillow, Oh My!


What a mess this is turning out to be! 

ListHub’s announcement last week that it intended to stop supplying listings to Trulia set off warning bells in the investment community, with one analyst telling investors that Trulia could lose 40 percent of its listings.

Zillow Inc., which completed its acquisition of Trulia on February 17, received a temporary restraining order on Tuesday to forestall ListHub’s action. In a report on, Deutsche Bank analyst Lloyd Walmsley called the Zillow lawsuit “flimsy.” He said it appeared Zillow would not be able to use its own direct agreements with data providers to power Trulia listings but would need to renegotiate each agreement. Meanwhile, Move, which operates®, can continue to asset its position as the most complete, accurate source of data. 

Read the full story here. 

Show Your Clients a Little Love

Laurie Millane

Traditional Marketing and PR Tactic: Clever Closing Gifts. 

The deal has closed and its time to show your clients a little love.

Each client has a different style and personality. Take the time to choose just the right closing gift to show them how much you appreciate their business. 

Here are some great tips from Realty Times on how to choose just the right gift.


Have You Been Branded?

Laurie Millane

Are you branding your business? 
Think about how potential buyers search the Internet. They don't search for Rachel Realtor they search for homes in the area they want to buy. For example "Homes for Sale in Seward Alaska", Seward Alaska Homes for Sale. So you are going to want to come up in those searches. 
Here is a link to a good article that discusses exactly that. 

1980 called, they want their Real Estate Agent Brand Back!

Most Used Keyboard Short Cuts

Laurie Millane

Here is a quick overview of the most common keyboard shortcuts. 

CTRL+S (Save)

CTRL+Z (Undo)

CTRL+C (Copy) 

CTRL+V (Paste)

CTRL+X (Cut)

CTRL+B (Bold)

CMD+OPT+ESC (OS X) or on a PC
CTRL+ALT+DEL either brings up Task Manager, or a list of options including Task Manager. Task Manager is useful for killing programs that are acting up or unresponsive. 

Check out my facbook page

Facebook Graph Search, How to Protect Yourself

Laurie Millane

The first thing to do is to click the padlock icon to the Privacy Shortcuts. Click "Who can see my stuff?" and then "Use Activity Log." The Activity Log shows you everything you've posted and everything that's been posted about you.

Areas that could cause Graph Search problems are "Posts You're Tagged In," "Posts by Others," "Photos," "Likes" and "Groups." Click More,  under Comments to see "Groups."

Search for anything you think may embarrass you or stuff that reveals too much about you.

You can change who can see your posts by clicking the first icon next to the post.  Its important to remember that only public information is available in Graph Search, so setting it to Friends or Only Me will allow only your friends and you to see the information. You can delete a post by you, others, and posts you were tagged in entirely by clicking the pencil icon.

If you want to remove yourself from a group, you have to visit the group's page. Click the gear icon on the main page and select "Leave group."

If you use your Facebook account to log into sites you might be surprised by how many apps have access to your profile and some also have permission to make posts on your behalf.  You would be wise to modify these settings or remove apps you no longer use. 

Note that Instant personalization allows information you've made public on Facebook to be used by partner sites. If your goal is to share less, disable it. However if you are using your page for business you may want to keep it. The choice is yours. 

Use Market Reports to Keep Your Name in Front of Clients All Year Long!

Laurie Millane

Bob gives some good ideas about what to include in your market reports and suggested frequency.  All good ideas to help keep you in front of your target market.

Use Market Reports to Keep Your Name in Front of Clients All Year Long!

Control Which Tagged Photo's of You are Posted on Facebook

Laurie Millane

You choose which photos you want shown to the Facebook world.

Here is how to be notified first of tagged posts and images before they appear on your timeline.

·      Login to your Facebook account and go to your personal timeline.
·      Click on the “Activity Log” button located next to the “Update Info” button
·      Open up the “Post and Apps” pull-down menu and select “Timeline Review
·      Now click on the “settings Icon“    located next to the Notifications
·      Chose to “Enable” or “Disable” the Timeline Review feature from this screen

Now you have control of your Facebook timeline and what appears on your page by monitoring and reviewing it first. 

Exciting News for Home Sellers

Laurie Millane

While reading the Business Insider this morning I came across some exciting market news that I just had to share with you.

"If You're Trying To Sell Your Home, You Will Be Thrilled By This Chart"

"Read more: today's update of Existing Home Sales, Calculated Risk has updated the always-useful chart showing how many months of household inventory remains on the market.
The important line here is the red line: Months of housing supply on the market.
The months of supply is down to 5.4 months, which is down from last month, and sharply down from a year ago.
Everybody who is trying to sell their house should be thrilled that the balance between sellers and buyers is coming back into balance.
Says Nomura, with respect to today's housing news:
The housing data revealed today are quite positive, reflecting the sustained recovery in the housing market that began earlier this year. Housing data for the months of November and December might reflect a slowdown mainly due to Hurricane Sandy. This slowdown would be temporary as people look to rebuild their homes that were destroyed during the hurricane and as transactions affected by Sandy are completed."

To see the Chart and Read more: 

Show Potential Buyers Your Tech Savvy Side

Laurie Millane

Virtual showings provide you a way to bring a personal showing to your out of town clients.

There are several ways you can provide your clients with virtual showings.  Here are a few options that you might try.

1. iPad facetime
2. Facebook video chat
3. Google Gmail - Google+ video chat
4. Windows live messenger
5. Skype

So the next time you have a client out of town that is interested in a property, or you are showing a property to one spouse and the other is out of town why not offer a virtual showing?

Potential buyers will be able to ask questions about the home as you walk through, just like they were there. 

After your virtual showing send the participants a survey about how they liked the tour and what improvements they would like to see for your next virtual showing.  A great free tool for the survey is

Post a virtual showing invitation on your facebook page and invite potential clients. They will be impressed by how tech savvy you are. 

Home : Blogs : Brad Andersohn : ActiveBrad "Z" Blog inShare If you Are Not On Google+ You Should Be

Laurie Millane

I recently read an article titled

I am on Google + but I don't use it everyday.  After reading Brad's blog post I found that I should be on it everyday and I should encourage my clients to use it everyday. 

Here's a short quote from the blog post.
"For those of you that do want to generate more business listen up!! Many of you know me from the early days of Active Rain and know how much I shared about SEO and social media. If you want to truly make an exceptional living selling Real Estate you need to be well versed in these two subjects. We are in a digital age today. We all know that buyer's and seller's are turning to the internet to find someone to work with. They way more and more people pick a Realtor to use is far different than it used to be. Many consumers will go right to Google and punch in something like "Realtor's, city and state". If you are not on the first page then you can forget about getting a consumer's business.
A Realtor or other industry professional who understands this can make an incredible income. What I am going to tell you will be the most important advice you have heard in a while.
You need to get on Google + and use it every day like you use Active Rain!"
I know what you are thinking, I hardly have time to be on Google+ , facebook, Twitter... and run my real estate practice.  Think of it this way, unless you have a very strong and endless supply of referrals  your real estate practice could very well slowly dwindle away to nothing. 

No worries,  your social networking tasks can easily be handled by your real estate support professional or your assistant. 

iPhone 5 Review

Laurie Millane

Techlicious has just come out with their review of the iPhone 5 and it looks like a thumbs up.

Just a few of the key items noted about the new iPhone 5 in the Techlicious review.

  • A new custom-designed by Apple A6 processor, speeds up everything you do on this phone to blink-of-an-eye fast.
  • The iPhone 5 is nearly the same weight as the now empty box it came in.
  • Videos are not letterboxed as they are on previous iPhones, enabling a much larger viewing space.
  • The boost to 4G LTE is like using Star Trek's transporter.
  • Apple did not upgrade the 8 MP rear camera from the iPhone 4S, but with the new iOS 6 operating system iPhone 5 now has an insanely simple panoramic mode.

Read the entire article here.