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LaCrosse WI/Seward Ak


Meet Me

Welcome, I am Laurie Millane and I am here to offer you the opportunity to release yourself from the stress of trying to do it all. 

Millane Virtual Assistants, LLC Real Estate Support Pro is a place created especially for agents and brokers who want to fulfill their passion of helping people buy and sell homes. My mission, as a Freelance Professional Real Estate Support Specialist, is to help those who want to get out from behind their computer and in front of their clients. 

I can help you get back out there and build your real estate practice, and keep up to date in industry happenings.  

I offer various packages created to suit the needs of most real estate agents and brokers. 

I work with real estate professionals who are committed to building their business. Professionals who know how to confidently hand over the day to day back office tasks. I don’t work with agents/brokers who have the tendency to micro-manage. My clients have the confidence in knowing that I have built my skills and abilities with years of hard work and training and let me do what needs to be done. 

I will provide you with real estate support where you need it most. Offering structured packages to taking you by the hand and supporting all your real estate support needs.